Mike Cahn

Although a techie with computer and business degrees, Mike has always been on a dual career track, alternating between the computer world and more community-minded engagements.

On the technical side, he's worked in Software Development, Technology Research, Project Management, Support and Training. In 2007 he co-founded Indytech, a small web design and IT business that uses as its main tool a community built and maintained "open source" system.

His alternate career has included teaching non-mainstream kids in rural Vermont, tutoring teachers learning about IT in the classroom, living & teaching aboard an environmental education schooner and managing a Traveller social enterprise.

His interest in healthy food started when his children were young. At that time, Suzie was managing their suburban garden, and Mike's "aha" moment came when he watched one of his kids eat mongetout peas directly off the vine. Realising that many people saw food as something in a shop, not as something that was grown, he started several different projects to try and bring people and their food closer together, including an ethical/organic market in Wicklow Town, an organic wholefood buyers group, a local food box (OOOOBY), and an ethical/organic shop in Glenealy, Co Wicklow (which also became a hub for other like-minded people).

He continues to run Indytech, while also providing advice and encouragement to other small local food groups around the country, and is currently working with the local community and producers to expand the OOOOBY local food box in Wicklow.