What People Say

I walked away from this course feeling strong, and more importantly, capable.  Suzie, Hannah and Lusi worked hard to design a PDC that challenged participants to carry the ethos of permaculture out of the classroom and into the everyday responsibilities of the course.  A clear example of this is... Read More
Another participant in our mentor programmme writes: I am currently working with Suzie Cahn of Carraig Dúlra in a mentorship role for a project with my 3rd year Civic, Social, Political Education (CSPE) class. I graduated from the Permaculture Design Course run by Suzie in 2010 with Wicklow VEC.... Read More
This is from a follow up focus group that helped draw out key lessons. Everyone agreed that the ‘design a green village’ exercise was engaging, thought provoking and a good learning experience. Barry and Jim highlighted the field trips to a local small deciduous wood with a talk from Dr. Declan... Read More
Eye-opener and a life-line....I’m amazed at how creative people are, there’s so much to do, there’s so much we can do out there...and how productive people can be” I’ve learned new skills I can use in my own projects. --Eleanor
If people are prepared to host these kind of events and spread the volume of information that we’ve all been exposed to in the last eight weeks, I think it gives hope to people like myself that there is a possibility, there is a different way of doing things. --Pat H
Somewhere along the line, I just stopped dreaming, stopped being an optimist, stopped coming up with mad ideas. . all I can say is, by the end of this, I’m back to being a dreamer again and it feels good!” --Dave
The course was great clearly not only from the learning perspective but from the numbers who kept attending there is a huge interest in these kinds of solutions for Ireland and the world. We all need that focus.. --Deidre
I found the course great. It was inspiring to meet and see so many people in the community trying to work in new more conscious ways. The more people who can gain these skills and learn about natural ecosystems is great. It could really help people in all over the world and especially in the... Read More
Excellent way to make people aware of what's around them, but also how to play their part. --Pat B.
It's a brilliant course that makes use of everyone's skills and interests. We built things together, discussed the world, made an abundance lunch together learning how to run a course as a community instead of the typical classroom. There should be more courses like this. --Aoife